🪴Beads, Dragon Fruit, + Stickers🌿

Easy project…add black paint to natural beads

Have you ever cut open a dragon fruit? look at that beauty! Pink and green on the outside…

Gorgeous white with black on the inside.

We took a few minutes in art class to look at it and draw what we saw. I want to develop more intensive projects that use these color combinations. God, You have done a fabulous job creating the dragon fruit. ✨

Some brave little souls also tasted the fruit, which reminds me of a tasteless kiwi. Have you tried it?

I’ll tell you what it does not taste like: the pink dragon fruit drink from Starbucks 😉

If you need an art project idea, find something pretty in the produce section, I guarantee you will be inspired!

New stickers!

Usually my stickers are drawn on the iPad

But this sticker I painted using watercolor paints on watercolor paper. I love how that translated to this sticker and how you can feel the subtle differences of the paint colors

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully you can create something today! Or taste a new fruit…or paint beads. 🍓🎨

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