Fourth of July Celebration 🇺🇸🎆✨

Remember I told you we were going to have a special visitor? Kayla came for the week!

It’s so nice to have her.

We stared off Monday with a hike to Raven Rock. The weather was amazing! Skye had to work, and Wil is still in Detroit, so it was just Dave and I, Wes and Kayla.

Then came time to figure out the red, white, and blue drinks…I think I’ve almost mastered the tricky technique. They turned out pretty delicious.

Bottom layer – strawberry daiquiri mix (this is non alcoholic. ) Middle layer -low-fat vanilla yogurt, thinned with a little milk. Top layer – blue sugar free Gatorade.

First thing you do is fill the whole glass with ice. This ensures that the liquids go in gentler and won’t mix together as fast. Add in the strawberry juice, add in the yogurt mixture slowly. Then carefully pour over the blue Gatorade. Add a strawberry to the rim. It looks pretty good for the first few minutes. Then it starts to mix together, but we used spoons to mix it up as that makes it tasty! I have a few people who don’t like yogurt, so I made theirs with sprite. You’ll see the difference in the photos. I love how the yogurt makes a distinct white layer.

Mom’s so cute in her USA shirt
Sprite version

How they look mixed…haha! Not as pretty.

We got to FaceTime with Wil! That was nice.

Wes caught a few fish in the pond!

Skye got off work, ate with us, and took a little nap in the cozy hammock

Dad had fun blowing up cans and bugging me with fire crackers!!!!

Dave’s got his stars on!


Dave’s homemade vanilla ice cream and toppings

Photos with the flag

When it got dark we headed up the road to the Cleveland fireworks. Dad passed sparklers out to every kid in a mile radius 🙂

The fireworks were spectacular

My favorite photo

Super sweet day. Red, white, blue, stars, stripes, watermelon, ice cream, fireworks, and family.


Totally forgot to blog about Father’s Day! That was the day Dave and I left to go on our trip…the kids were sweet to Dave and we are so thankful for him as a dad! You’re the best, Dave!!

And our 23rd anniversary video! 23 amazing years together on July 3…Dave said it reminded him of Psalm 23….the Lord has been our shepherd for all these years. ♥️♥️♥️

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