The Living Gallery //Wes was in it!

We got to go to BJU to see Wes in the living Gallery the Thursday before Easter. I have to try and explain the living gallery for anyone who doesn’t know- it is the most creative thing!

Wes is the one on the ladder

The art department recreates works of art using real people. So this one Wes was in, was inspired by the sculpture by Adam Lenckhardt entitled, Descent from the Cross (from the 1600s)

On the left is a photo of the real sculpture, and on the right is Wes and his buddies in the production.

The performance is in the form of a play with a few actors who will dialogue and then when the work of art comes out, they join the art, then freeze so it looks like the original artwork

Harry, Hart, Aaron, Wes, Nikita ((we love these guys))

Let’s back up and start from the beginning of the trip…Chai’s first trip!! She did so good, we were thankful she was happy to sit with any of us and sleep.

What an angel (HA! At the moment anyway!)

Wil and Bella met us before the production…Wil brought flowers !

Mom and Dad came too and of course we stayed with Granna and Poppop…we all enjoyed Mr. Salsa’s …Wes had two productions that day and couldn’t eat with us- and Kayla had to work

We got second row seats! Yes! We were ready to say, “that’s our boy!” 🙂

You can watch the production here …Wes comes in at 38 minutes. It was so good- the music was gorgeous and every detail was beautiful. Wes’ was my favorite, but close behind is the last supper…picture a table coming out with Jesus in the middle…all of the disciples come walking up – talking to each other and getting ready to eat…they get into position and freeze—-it looks exactly like the iconic painting ..just breathtaking

Those are all real people!!

We saw Wes after in the green room

Love these three!! together again

We were so proud of Wes who kept saying that he didn’t do anything- but we know it took a lot of concentration to stay completely still for 5 minutes!! And to be there for all the practices and multiple performances

Chai enjoyed being with the grandparents!

And we got to see Kayla on Friday before we left. Chai meets Kayla for the first time!

And back home we go (via Ikea!) we had to get back for Easter. Such a fun, quick trip. So good to see everyone and what a neat experience for Wes’ senior year.

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  1. So amazing and moving! Wow.

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    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you, Rosemarie! It was amazing!


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