the perfect cloudy day

We found the best books at the library. So many new books…

Then we went here and took this picture…

Then we tried the panorama feature

Then we decided to start playing around more with the panorama feature

That was fun…

Then we wanted to see what would happen if we got both of us in there…

it gets a little shaky in the middle when we pass the phone!

What a beautiful day…

Here’s what happens with a wonky panoramic shot…Picasso face

I had a moment of complete and utter contentment on the banks of lake Benson when Skye looked at the beautiful still lake and said, “glory to God!”

Good way to start the year….library, Lake Benson, and grocery shopping (food is ALWAYS figured in there somewhere!😂)

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  1. davemincy says:

    very cute 🙂

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