my new favorite cookie🍪

Gluten free peanut butter mini chocolate chip! Only a few ingredients…these are a light and crumbly, peanut buttery, sweet treat!

I got a stack of books from the library; we can order the books online and go pick up…I had missed the library so much!! I love to read cookbooks and try new glad I found this recipe. It’s a keeper!

I’ve never liked classic peanut butter cookies, but these are a game changer👏🏼😃

I have so many blog posts in my head! Wes had a birthday and we just visited him this weekend, Wil is a senior in high school, Skye is off to school and I’ve got so many pictures, it’s all piling up…so much to say! Maybe I’ll try and write little posts each day to get caught up.

Happy September!! It feels like fall today! ♥️🍂

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