Food + Clothes

I’ve mentioned this quiche before, but I have to again because I make it once or twice a week, it’s so good! From Carrie Underwood’s book.

Then I found this AMAZING soup!! (More mushrooms!) It is complete comfort in a bowl. I’ve been reading Ruth Reichl’s books through, I think this one is from Tender at the Bone. My family would hate it because of the mushrooms (except Wil! He’s my food twin)

Apples!! And blueberries, and trying to eat a daily oatmeal.

Stitchfix again. I’d tried the subscription box that comes in the mail last summer and then paused the boxes until this January. This box had these adorable burnt orange pants and that soft striped shirt. I kept both of those and sent the rest of the box back. Dave and I both love these jeans – it’s a fun color and surprisingly easy to match things with.

Still trying to do an apple a day!

And still keeping up with intermittent fasting which I love. Dave does it too. He usually starts eating for the day at 11am and ends around 7pm.

What are you eating at your house? Hope you are having a good January! I’m ready for Valentine’s Day! ♥️🧡❤️💖

Thank You, God, for food and clothes, for how creative they can be. I see You and Your creativity in food: so many kinds of apples! Who would have thought up mushrooms?! Thank you! Thank You for providing good things for us.

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