kid sightings and Bible painting

Wes is having so much fun working at camp. I love to see the pictures. We are going to visit him soon and yay! I can’t wait!!

I love this picture of Wil when he was at camp. It’s unreal to me that he’ll be leaving for college in a little over a month! It’s such a mix of excitement for him and panic because I’m going to miss his sweet self so much!

Skye working the drive through at Chick Fil A! Dave and I went for lunch and she said we couldn’t embarrass her. So I snuck this photo and we waved discreetly – ha!! She is doing a great job. We are thankful for the work for her. I loved watching her talk to the customers.

Sadie sitting in the sun! I couldn’t leave out the fur-kid! She needs a haircut, poor thing can’t see.

It was fun to paint on this Bible for a sweet friend. You know you can buy customizable Bibles to paint on? There are so many possibilities!

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