ornaments, stickers, and wallpaper!

Swapping out pumpkins for Christmas ornaments…top right; Skye’s ornaments, bottom right, Wes’. Bottom left food ornaments for the kitchen tree! Why didn’t I take a picture of Wil’s?!

New stickers!! These are big! Four inches….I want to tile a floor with them 🤣 😉

They are cute on the car, on the laptop…or…

On a little tree…

Skye said they look like coasters..I could see that too. So many uses! I don’t have these for sale online, but if you’re interested I could pop some in the mail.

Out to Mexican before Wil left us on Sunday ❤️

Finishing up decorating our room…you know I’m not happy til it’s crowded – haha ! ☺️

Sadie’s bed is under the chair, so at night we pull out her little trundle bed for her to climb into 😉

Psalm 68:19…praise God our Savior…

I started wallpapering in the closet! I bought the design, Peach and Coral Friendship from my spoonflower shop…I waited til there was a sale. They do have good sales periodically, so that helps! I got the peel and stick wallpaper and really love how it goes on.

Here’s a picture of peach and coral friendship from the website…it’s hard to get a good photo of it in the closet. But believe me when I say that I smile every time I go in there 🙂 it’s the little (colorful) things…

Here you can see one of the designs on my stickers is the same as the wallpaper, but with black accents…I do like black, it always adds a sharpness.

Hope you are enjoying the last day of November! I was thinking it was December all day today…it feels like December 😉

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