Friday Favorites: spring break edition🌿🚐🌺

My absolute favorite of this week is that my boys came home for break! We have had so much fun. They brought friends too and that’s been so nice.

Such sweet kids! The boys left midweek for a few days at the beach.

We went to the farmer’s market (got our favorite sour dough bread!), Yates Mill pond, had everyone over for lunch Sunday, They went to the Morgan Street Food Hall.

Wes bought (with help from siblings) this very cool Lego van for Dave

It took 7 hours to build!

Dave loves it and is going to display it in his office.

Check out the tiny kitchen !

A very sweet gift that he will enjoy for years.

I just looked on Amazon and there’s a lighting kit you can get to light up the inside of the van! (Father’s Day?)

I haven’t seen this in person yet, but The Biggest Storybook Bible looks amazing!

Starting to think about working out more…and here’s a good (free) resource on YouTube: Fitness Blender has all manner of workouts, and even some 10 minute videos that would be good to start with. I’ve done a few and I like the variety of exercises.

I’ve added a lot of new designs to my spoonflower shop! This one; Boho Forest Floor, just came in the mail…

The placemats are cute too

I just ordered a wallpaper sample of Muted Strawberry Flower Garden, I’d like to put it in my hallway.

More new designs in the shop. Be sure to click on the “new” button when you go online….there are several hundred designs to sift through!

A few more things about spring break…loved having the boys sing (Wes) and play cello (Wil) at church.

And this car prank made me laugh…although Wil didn’t think it was as funny 🤣

Did I tell you I’m repainting my kitchen cabinets? Black on the bottom, white on top…and the white counter will go away and we are getting butcher block countertops! I’m so excited.

Spring is here! 3 of those 4 plants are real AND NOT DEAD YET!! (Knock on wood)

I call this my foot zester ;) it looks just like a citrus zester! But it’s to file your feet…it’s the best I’ve tried. My heels get really dry, so it helps a lot!

Last but not least: still reading Because He Loves Me by Elise Fitzpatrick …I’ve reread this over and over. When I start to worry I need to remember, give it over to God! He loves us and wants us to rely on Him! we can REST in Him!

Hope you’re having a great spring break! More than likely you’re not on a break. It seems like each school is different. Skye doesn’t have off until Easter week.

Love and blessings to you!

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  1. Jarynne says:

    So fun!! Do you use a camera for your pics??? They are so pretty with the light and texture!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you, Jarynne!! 💛💛no, I just use my phone 😃


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