last meals with Wes

We had my parents over for supper in the yard.

We ate pavlova! with fresh peaches and plums from mom and dad, fresh mint from our garden and edible flowers (also from our garden…yes I am overly proud of the “produce” from our garden…let me have this moment…Before it all dies! 😉

I went down a rabbit trail studying which flowers are edible…zinnias and marigolds are edible, so I put them on the pavlova. we did not end up eating them, they just made it pretty…and did not poison us-ha!

On Sunday We took Wes to MSFH

We had bowls and boxes of delicious food

Being a little dramatic here, but I know this could be the last summer we have Wes with us. It was very special. He is such an enjoyable guy. We enjoyed the time, lunches together, making him a smoothie in the mornings, and just all round appreciating the mature, creative, and clever young man that he is. Praying blessings over his life and thankful for this time together.

We are planning on going back to the food hall with Wil when he gets here next week! Yay!

This summer has flown by, as usual. But we are going to try and squeeze in a little more fun.

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