Thrifting: books, plates, and updates

These books…I love Readers’ Digest condensed books so much. We had them growing up…super fun to read. But when you can find the pretty ones, that is a major score!! I found all of these at our Restore. I cannot even wait to do stuff with them! Decorate with them, paint them, take pictures of them…the possibilities are endless.

Found a bunch of cute plates too, and these wicker basket things. I think I may paint the red wicker all different shades of red and pink.

Plate wall …tweaking and adding to it. My number one rule is that all the unbreakable plates go down low…we’ve had some get knocked off.

((Rainy day!))

Bexley House!!!! Oh my goodness, it looks so pretty in there! I love this little shop…they are having an open house tomorrow…with a giveaway of all those goodies on the three tiered tray. Their spring floral and greenery game is strong!

Found that little stitched hoop up there, I’m cleaning the art studio TODAY!! Planning on finding tons of little art/junk…and being ruthless about getting rid of it!

And this scripture hit me this week.

Friday blessings to you! Hope you have a great weekend…we’ve got a shopping trip planned with the kids, farmers market trip, funeral (sweet lady from church), and a bridal shower…how’s that for variety; the whole spectrum of life…thank You, God, for this wild and wonderful life, but even better, our hope of a future with you❤️🧡💖💕

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